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It's time to have a healthy relationship with food.


Healthy meals

Health Coach Initial Consultation

The initial consultation with health coach Heather will include completing a health history, discussing present issues, identifying wellness goals, and developing an individualized plan that may include both in office and in home services that will help you achieve your goals.

Healing your Body and Mind with Healthy Eating

Many of the health issues people face today can be healed or managed with healthier food and lifestyle choices. We will create an individualized dietary plan that will best support healing your body and mind.  Using healing foods, stress management, and meditation we will find a way for you to live a more pain free, energized life. If you are dealing with inflammation or immune issues, this program will be particularly helpful for you. 

Healthy Family Food Makeover

If the need to eat healthier is a family affair then we can create a family plan of healthy meals to support healthy changes in the home. This program includes family health history, meal planning with healthy recipes, and in home prep support. We will find a way to work healthy home cooked meals into your busy schedule. (I can help individuals with this also.) This program can be particularly helpful for families dealing with dietary restrictions (e.g., gluten free, dairy free). 

Weight Loss

My philosophy is that diets do not work long term. My approach is to heal your relationship with food in order to reduce overeating, binge eating, and other extreme behaviors that impact the how and why you eat.  The weight loss program I created focuses on the emotions that fuel unhealthy eating behaviors and helps you develop the tools to find ways to heal and resolve those emotions. We will focus on the following topics: examining areas of your life that may be impacting your relationship with food, stopping negative self talk, finding a physical activity you like and doing it, learning to make simple healthy meals, and stopping self-sabotaging.

Meal Planning, Prep and Cooking Lessons

Let’s work together and get healthy cooking into your life. The following hands on services will support you in developing the necessary skills to shop, plan, and prepare healthy meals at home. 

Healthy Kitchen Makeover: This in home visit will focus on stocking your fridge and cabinets with healthier options.

Meal Planning: Together we will create healthy weekly meal plans the support you in being organized and efficient in the kitchen. 

Shopping: In this session we will explore the grocery store focusing on reading labels, identifying hidden sugars and toxins and finding healthier alternatives. 

Cooking Basics: Learn healthy cooking basics in your home. 

Cooking to Heal Your Body: This service will help you create and cook meal plans using foods that support you in addressing health concerns with healing foods. 


Initial Consultation: $125

In Office Session: $75

Out of Office Session: $125

Individual Programs: fees will be worked out according to services needed.